Inequality and disadvantage are not matters of polite conversation these days. If spoken about at all, they often occur in hushed tones and in private. 
As Australians we have been brought up with the myth that we are uniquely egalitarian. We don’t have to look very far in our communities to see that this is a very partial and misleading view. Many Australians of all ages and in different parts of the country are ‘doing it tough’. As a society and as researchers and scholars this is a matter that should be of deep concern to us. We need to start out by acknowledging this reality, but more importantly we need to explore ways of gaining better and more complex understandings about how the processes of advantaging and disadvantaging come about, what sustains and maintains them—because neither of them is a natural or given state of affairs.
In the various parts of this website we invite you to join us in the earnest conversation about these matters and help us to advance research that addresses the broader vision of how in that typically Australian colloquialism, we can advance the notion of ‘a fair go’!! 
John Smyth
Research Professor &
Research Theme Leader
Addressing Disadvantage and Inequality in Education and Health